Call for paper


Authors are invited to submit original, unpublished work in the following topics (but not limited to) under 5 tracks:

  1. Green Environment and Smart Water Resource Management Systems
    • Climate Change and Natural Hazards​​
    • Noise Pollution Control​
    • Water and Wastewater Treatment​
    • Water Resources Engineering and Management​​
    • Water Supply Engineering and Management​​
    • River and Sediment Management​
    • Hydraulic Structures​
    • Hydro-informatics​​​
    • Climate Change and Natural Hazards​
    • Water Security​​​
  2. Advanced Coastal and Offshore Engineering
    • Coastal Hydrodynamic and Processes
    • Coastal Sediment Processes and Morphology
    • Coastal Structures and Facilities​
    • Climate Change and Coastal Hazards ​
    • Coastal Planning and Management​ ​
    • Advanced Ship, Offshore and Marine Renewable Energy Structure and Technology ​ ​
    • Hydrodynamics, Sloshing and Design
    • Vortex Shedding, VIV Suppression and CFD​
    • Underwater Technology, Subsea, Pipelines and Risers​
    • Safety and Reliability, Mechanics and Decommissioning​
    • Ocean Arctic Environment​
  3. Resilient Structures and Smart Materials
    • Resource Efficient Materials
    • Performance-based Structural Designs
    • Structural Health Monitoring​
  4. Advanced Construction and Building Information Modelling
    • Digital Techniques in Construction
    • Building Information Modelling
    • Smart and Sustainable Project Management and Construction​
  5. Smart and Sustainable Infrastructure
    • Advanced Geotechnics and Foundation Engineering​
    • Underground Tunneling and Trenchless Technology​​
    • Geo-informatics, Instrumentation, Geo-hazards Forensic Engineering​
    • Geomatics and Spatial Analysis for Transportation Infrastructure Management​
    • Intelligent Spatial Decision Support Systems (I-DSS) for Smart and Sustainable Cities​​
    • Sustainable Highway and Transportation Engineering​
    • Advanced and Sustainable Materials for Transportation Infrastructure​
    • Design and Analysis of Transportation Infrastructure​
    • Digitalization of Transportation Infrastructure and Management​