Paper Presenters

Technical Session (Communication and Media Track – Day 1)


Paper ID: 1570435570

Title: Challenges of Continuous Technological Disruption in the Broadcasting Industry and the Search for ‘Job-Fit’ Talents

Author: Ramachandran Ponnan; Azween Bin Abdullah


Paper ID: 1570440129

Title: Character Pleasantness in Malaysian Animated Cartoon Characters

Author: Mohd Rosli Arshad


Paper ID: 1570445931

Title:  The Role of Interdiscursivity in Learners’ Discussion When Writing a Formal Letter

Author: Daljeet Singh Sedhu; Raja Nor Safinas Raja Harun


Paper ID: 1570446147

Title: Social Media Influencers – Shaping Consumption Culture among Malaysian Youth

Author: Nur Leila Khalid; Nurzihan Hassim; Sheila Jayasainan


Paper ID: 1570435595

Title: The Representation of the Syrian Conflict in the Syrian Online News: A Critical Discourse Analysis

Author: Kais Amir Kadhim


Paper ID: 1570445738

Title:The Consciousness of History in Malaysia: The Ideas on Merdeka Day in Sarawak

Author: Muhaimin Sulam


Paper ID: 1570435426

Title: ” You are lazy, stupid and lethargic !” – Singapore Free Press British Discourses on Malays in Colonial Periods

Author: Abdul Mutalib Embong; A Murad M Noor Merican; Zulqarnain Abu Bakar


Paper ID: 1570437838

Title: Continuous Quality Improvement for Calculus Using Mentor-Mentee Approach

Author: Mohd Mughti Hasni; Samsul Ariffin Abdul Karim; Nooraini Zainuddin


Paper ID: 1570435597

Title: Awareness of Ethics and Integrity at a Malaysian Government District Office

Author: Khalidah Khalid


Paper ID: 1570483501

Title:  Mandarin and Tamil language status in the Malaysian education system: Understanding policies and practice in a heterogeneous context

Author: Normardhiah Ibrahim


Paper ID: 1570446184

Title: Analysing the Strategy to Counter Cyberattacks in ASEAN

Author: Ummi Hani’ Maso’od


Abstract Technical Session (Language use and Concerns; Religions, Sciences and Morality – Day 2)

Paper ID: 1570450770

Title:  Comparing Online Metacognitive Reading Strategies Used by Internal and External Locus of Control EFL Students

Author: Mitra Mesgar


Paper ID: 1570444744

Title: Non-linguistics Problems in Teaching of Indonesian Language

Author: Rustam Effendi; Fatchul Mu’in


Paper ID: 1570435369

Title:  Digital Preservation of Language Cultural Knowledge and Traditions of the Indigenous Semai

Author: Sumathi Renganathan, Inge Kral


Paper ID: 1570444872

Title: Cultural Violence Represented in Indonesia and American Literatures

Author: Fatchul Mu’in; Rustam Effendi


Paper ID: 1570429707

Title:  How ‘Straight’ Has Developed Its Meaning -Based on a Metaphysical Theory-

Author: Kosuke Nakashima


Paper ID: 1570435349

Title:  Exploring Undergraduates’ Judgements on the Qualities of Corrective Feedback for English Pronunciation Errors

Author: Zulqarnain Abu Bakar, Abdul Mutalib Embong


Paper ID: 1570450764

Title: Usability of QiraahBot for Extensive Arabic Reading Activities

Author: Al-Muslim Mustapa; Zulkifli Nawawi


Paper ID: 1570446470

Title: Muslim Scholar’s Discourse on Buddhism: A Literature on Buddha’s Position

Author: Jaffary Awang; Ahmad Faizuddin Ramli, AFR; Zaizul Ab Rahman


Paper ID: 1570435606:

Title: The Paradigms of Consciousness: A Discourse

Author: Khalidah Khalid


Paper ID: 1570446961

Title: The Distribution of Zakat: A Comparison Between the Rate of Niṣāb and the Rate of Poverty Line Income in Malaysia

Author: M Pisol Mat Isa


Paper ID: 1570431371

Title: Towards Ensuring Inter-Religious Harmony in a Multi-Religious Society of Perak

Author: Mohd Ikhwan Izzat Zulkefli; Mohd Nuri Al-Amin Endut; Muhammad Ridhuan Tony Lim Abdullah; Azizan Baharuddin


Paper ID: 1570433825

Title:  Technological infrastructure and human culture: Appropriating innovative teaching methods to 21st century classrooms

Author: Su Li Chong; Roselind Wan


Paper ID: 1570481739

Title:  Social media as political hatred mode in the 14th Malaysian General Elections

Author: Sara Chinnasamy, Norain Abdul Manaf

Paper ID: 1570439656

Title:  The Mediating Effects of Quality Learning on the Overall Learning Experience and Learning Outcomes of STEM Malaysian Students

Author: Siew Chee Choy; Joanne Sau-Ching Yim; Poh Leong Tan


Paper ID: 1570435122

Title:  Stakeholders Perspective on Communicative Competence in Industry 4.0 Walk the Talk of Informative Technologists

Author: Ena Bhattacharyya


Technical Session (Teaching and Learning & ASEAN Community – Day 2)


Paper ID: 1570440495

Title: Influence of Student Isolation on Students’ University Learning Experiences: Perspectives of Academic, Social and Psychological Development

Author: Shing Yu Jolene Lim; Dr Vighnarajah


Paper ID: 1570446140

Title:  An exploratory study using weblogs as a learning and assessment tool in a Public Relations course

Author: Sheila Jayasainan


Paper ID: 1570459680

Title: Providing Meaningful Interactions at KOSEN Between Japanese and International Students

Author: Richard Grumbine; Natsuki Aka; Riho Hirano


Paper ID: 1570445179

Title: Addressing Inequality in Malaysia Through Corporate Social Intrapreneurship

Author: Asrif Omar Che Yusoff


Paper ID: 1570470628

Title: ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community: ASEAN Approach and Effort in Rural Development and Poverty Eradication

Author: Fujica Anggo


Paper ID: 1570445707

Title:  Data Coding for Indigenous Language Research: Attaching Local Meanings in Generating Categories and Themes

Author: Roselind Wan


Paper ID: 1570445736

Title:  Colophon: The Philology in a Manuscript Collection of Kiai Haji Mansor ( M01 )

Author: Muhaimin Sulam


Paper ID: 1570466582

Title: The Impact of Witchcraft on the Social and Economic Wellbeing of the Malay Community: A Spiritual Healer’s Experience

Author: Abu Bakar Sedek Abdul Jamak


Paper ID: 1570435110

Title: Implementation of Problem-Based Learning to Enhance Soft Skills Ability of Engineering Students

Author: Hairuzila Idrus


Paper ID: 1570435100

Title: Freedom of Belief in the Light of Maqasid Al-Shariah: Special Reference to Sri Lanka

Author: Najimudeen Rishard; Mohamed Nayeem; Muhaimin Sulam


Paper ID: 1570446091

Title:  A FAHP approach to select students’ performance assessment criteria in task-based English language teaching

Author: Waseem Sattar; Muhammad Ridhuan Tony Lim Abdullah; Fatemeh Mirzaei


Paper ID: 1570437628

Title: A comparison of the effects of bilingual instruction and the use of L2

Author: Fatemeh Mirzaei; Waseem Sattar; Muhammad Ridhuan Tony Lim Abdullah