Paper Submission

Interested participants are invited to submit their full paper through EDAS system at the following link:


Conference  Topic:

1. Teaching and Learning.

2. Language Use and Concerns.

3. Religions, Sciences and Moralities.

4. Communication and Media.

5. ASEAN Community

Guidelines for authors:

  1. Full papers must be kept between a 3000 – 5000 word limit.
  2. Font should be 10-point Times, Times Roman or Times New Roman.
  3. Spacing should be set to single line spacing.
  4. Paragraphs should be justified.
  5. The first paragraph after a section or subsection should not be indented.
  6. Subsequent paragraphs should be indented by 5 mm.
  7. References should comply with American Psychological Association (APA) Style (6th Edition)
  8. Download  ICHSS Author Guideline (Word format) for further details and paper template.