Plenary Speakers

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Plenary 1: The Misuse of the Traditional/Modern Decline Curve Analysis for Reserves Estimation

Prof Dr Tarek Ahmed

Prof Dr Tarek Ahmed

Professor Emeritus of Petroleum Engineering,

Montana Tech of the University of Montana,

Houston, USA

Plenary 2: ‘What Does It Take to Illuminate The Reservoir: The Seismic Angle’

Prof Dr Tariq A. Alkhalifah

Prof Dr Tariq A. Alkhalifah

Professor of Earth Science and Engineering,

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia

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Plenary 1: ‘Geological Controls on Net Pay in Reservoirs’

Prof Dr John Kaldi

Prof Dr John Kaldi

Chair of Geosequestration,

Australian School of Petroleum,

University of Adelaide

Plenary 2: ‘The 4th Industrial Revolution and its Influence on Oil & Gas Industry’


Dr Zahidah bt M. Zain


Unconventional & Emerging Technology

Group Research & Technology,


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Plenary 1: ‘TBA’

Plenary 2: ‘TBA’

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Plenary 1: ‘Impact of IR4.0 to Engineering Research Ecosystem’

Chris Reeves

Mr Chris Reeves

Head of Connected Autonomous Vehicles at Horiba Mira Ltd, UK

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Plenary 1: R&D Strategy Driven by Future Visions in Hitachi’

Shinji Yamada

Dr Shinji Yamada

General Manager,

Centre for Exploratory Research, R&D Group, Hitachi, Japan

Plenary 2: ‘TBA’

Prof Emeritus Maryann E Martone

Prof Emeritus Maryann E. Martone

Prof at the Faculty of Neurosciences, UC San Diego School of Medicine

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Plenary 1: ‘CO2 Capture and Utilization using Catalytic Membrane’

Prof Kang Li

Prof Kang Li

Faculty of Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London

Plenary 2: ‘What is IT 4.0 and What Really Drives Business to Automate. Stories Down A Tricky Path!

Implications for Future Graduates’

Paul Ellis

Paul Ellis

IChemE Vice President International,

Managing Director Schaefer Kalk (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

Plenary 3: ‘IR 4.0 and Its Impact on Oil & Gas Industry’

Prakash Kumar

Mr Prakash Kumar

SKG 16.4 Discipline Head,


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Plenary 1: Industry 4.0 and the Digital Twin


Mr Zairul Isham Abdul Malik

Vice President of Malaysian Operations,


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Plenary 1: ‘Electronic and Optical Properties of Atomically Thin Films of Simple-Metal Chalcogenides


Prof Dr Vladimir Falko

Prof Dr Vladimir Falko

University Of Manchester

Plenary 2: ‘The Role of Mathematician Towards IR 4.0 Agenda’

Prof Emeritus Dato' Dr Hassan Said

Prof Emeritus Dato’ Dr Hassan Said

Universiti Teknologi MARA

Plenary 3: ‘Metal Ions: Are They Toxic or Therapeutic’

Prof Dr Yang Farina Abdul Aziz

Prof Dr Yang Farina Abdul Aziz

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

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Plenary 1: Leadership Implications of lndustry 4.0 and STI 2050: Agenda for Malaysia

Prof Dr Zainal Ariffin Ahmad

Prof Dr Zainal Ariffin Ahmad

Fellow, Akademi Sains Malaysia

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Plenary 1: Teaching & Learning Humanities in the Era of 4.0

Prof Dato Dr Mohamed Amin Embi

Prof Dato Dr Mohamed Amin Embi 

Ketua Pegawai Maklumat – Pusat Pengajaran & Teknologi Pembelajaran UKM