ESG has gained attention in recent years. Yet, how read​y are we as a society for the socio-economic and environmental risks facing the nation and the world? This conference aims to provide a platform for scholars to discuss issues pertaining to evaluation of risks, and achievement of goals that support the ESG practices in business and other domains of society.

In this light, both theoretical and practical considerations of how humanity confronts and considers the principle of people and planet sustainability will need to be unpacked. Important and workable solutions become significant conference output that provide answers to long-running problems related to sustainable practices globally. In particular, critical strategies for a circular economy, sustainable living, green investment and digitalization are urgently required and therefore are at the forefront of this conference. Research and knowledge in the disciplines of Economics, Social Sciences, and the Humanities as it pertains to ESG applications will be highlighted in the conference.​

​Therefore, the International Conference on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) (ICESG2022) welcomes papers from a wide variety of interdisciplinary and theoretical perspectives to discuss issues under the theme “Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Strategy for Sustainability” towards the sustenance of people, planet, and profit (3Ps).

Conference Tracks​

ICESG2022 is an excellent opportunity to share your ideas and research findings relevant to the ESG and Sustainability. The following tracks therefore welcomes research initiatives that showcase workable solutions in current contexts. Submissions are organised into three tracks as listed below:

Track 1: ESG Strategy in Circular Economy

This track relates to circular systems that facilitate zero waste. Though it is vital, it is genuinely difficult for people to act accordingly. This track seeks solutions of responsible daily behaviour, and transparent sustainable business practices that can be measured and reported by consumers, employees, investors, or other stakeholders.

Track 2: ESG Strategy for Sustainable Living

This track solicits papers that navigate challenges and conflict in balancing consumption and sustainable living. Innovative ideas for how such conflicts can be resolved while upholding acceptable standards of sustainable living are important to be discussed.

Track 3: ESG Investment and Digitalisation

This track examines these two megatrends on resetting priorities affecting the environment. Combining creative and innovative solutions using evidence on business sustainability, equality, and green initiatives become essential facets of long-term financial performance of corporations. These solutions would need to adhere to the broader SDGs in order to protect both consumers and corporations.


  • SHS Web of Conferences (ISI Indexed) [To be confirmed]

Journals Publication

Selected papers will be published in:

  • International Journal of Ethics & Systems (Scopus Q1, ESCI) [confirmed]
  • Asia-Pacific Journal of Business Administration (Scopus Q2, ESCI) [confirmed]
  • International Journal of Economics and Management (IJEM) (SCOPUS Q3) [confirmed] ​​