Education and the Humanities in the fourth industrial revolution is a complex, dialectical and exciting opportunity which can potentially transform society for the better. In view of the convergence of man/woman, human race and machine, subject distance between humanities and social sciences as well as science and technology will be reduced. Such innovative and bold measures necessitate the need for more interdisciplinary teaching, research and innovation in Education and the Humanities set in a scientific and technological backdrop. Consequently, this implies the possibility f​or different innovative, creative and contemporary teaching learning practices that accentuate the role of man and humanities in trying to meet, match and sustain competitively with new demands and challenges of the future.

ICHSS 2018 explores the role of education and the humanities in its teaching, research (including innovation), skills enhancement and its service within an innovative technologically advanced and industrialized context. Industrial digitalization has slowly but surely affected our lives, lifestyle, interaction, behaviors and judgments in this millennium. The 21st century brings about the perfect storm where educational goals, man’s skills and expertise are tested and tried against the backdrop of digital globalization.

Thus, the questions we ask ourselves is whether education and mankind is equipped and prepared to embrace, thrive, co-exist and sustain in such environment. What are the challenges and opportunities posed towards educational pursuits, human values, humanity and human civilization? Will digital revolution in industries supersede human functionalities, capabilities and competencies? What would then be the new transformed educational and humanities ecosystem to ensure the harmonious co-existence between man, human culture, philosophy, history, literacy and industrial digital revolution in real time? Experts believe much research initiatives are required which ranges from new technology deployment to global cooperation and collaboration in education and the humanities.